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Liquid colour describes a system consisting of a liquid carrier, dyes or pigments and other additives in a single formulation used to colour plastics.

Liquid colorants typically allow for higher loadings, resulting in lower colouring costs for converters.

Liquids are most often used in Extrusion, Injection and Blow moulding applications and are commonly processed with Polyethylene Terephthalates (PET’s), Polyolefins (PO’s) and Polyvinyl Chlorides (PVC’s).


The addition of Liquid masterbatches and additives for the Polyolefins plastics market has been a real valued-added inclusion into our portfolio. Some of the substantial benefits of liquids include:

  • Cycle time improvement over certain pigment and Masterbatch formulations
  • Significant reduction in clean out time
  • Faster colour changes over time
  • Lower dosage levels (reduced stock holding and improved cash flows)
  • Eco-friendly formulations that do not require heat when being produced

Polyethylene Terephthalate

The pre-form and packaging segment is one of the fastest growing in Africa and here too we are pioneering the use of Liquid technology. Our Liquid masterbatches for the PET division is the fastest growing within our organisation and this innovation has delivered value adding products such as:

  • UV Blockers
  • Processing aids
  • PET colorants

Liquid colourants are increasingly used through the plastics industry in an expanding range of polymers and product applications.


Masterbatch is a concentration of pigments or dyes dispersed into a polymer carrier and use to impart colour or performance properties in most plastic applications.